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2014 Libra Horoscope

The gifts given to Libra are your sense of fair play and your contribution to the visual and performing arts. Your refined aesthetics make the world a more beautiful place. Your challenge is to find inner peace with the choices you make.Your ruling planet, Venus, starts the year in retrograde motion, turning direct on February 1. There is a strong possibility that someone from your past will reappear in your life. Reconnecting with some people will be a wonderful thing, but some people belong in our past for a good reason. Weigh any reunions carefully before recommitting to them.Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will move into a supportive aspect in mid-July, relieving some of the family pressures that October Libras have been feeling. September Libras are well positioned for a romantic and economic boost from mid-July through the end of the year. October Libras are more likely to get this...(more)

Symbols and Charms for Libra

Every zodiac sign has unique symbols such as flowers, colors, and gems that distinguish it from the other signs. If you are a Libra, make these symbols your own. Everyone can use these charms when the Sun is in Libra by adding them to your wardrobe, decor, New Moon rituals, or use them when entertaining....(more)

Making the Most of Libra, the Scales

Each zodiac sign has qualities that help or hinder us in our relationships and everyday actions. Relationship-oriented Libra is an outgoing, cardinal air sign, which makes it extremely sociable and friendly. Symbolized by the scales, the major desire of Libra is to create and maintain balance. ...(more)

Mars in Libra Explanation

Mars in astrology denotes how you channel your energy, how you approach your passions, and what, in a sense, fires you up. The different constellations in the zodiac signify different things concerning the aspects of your birth chart. If your Mars is in Libra, you may find yourself quite different energetically and passionately than, say, someone with Mars in Aries. For a better understanding of Mars in Libra, look to these explanations of how the different characteristics may show up....(more)


Decans of the Zodiac

What makes one Taurus laid back while another is driven toward accomplishment? Why is one Gemini independent while another is intent on partnership? Decans make a difference! ...(more)

Solstices and Equinoxes

The solstices and equinoxes allow us to calculate the first day of each season. Ancient cultures erected monolithic structures like Stonehenge or tombs such as Newgrange that continue to accurately mark the solstices.The four cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn - divide the 360 degree zodiac into four equal sections (quadrants) of 90 degrees that correspond to the seasons. The solstices and equinoxes mark the days when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of a cardinal sign and the beginning of a new season....(more)

Astrological Houses 1-6

The houses are 12 pie-shaped divisions of the natal chart that represent various arenas of life. They supply the backdrop against the activity of the planets and let us know what types of people and events we can expect to encounter when the house is activated. The sign on the house cusp defines how we approach the activities of that house.Cusps mark the beginning of each house and serve as the door to that house. When a planet transits (travels over) the cusp of a house, expect a focus on that area of life with increased activity. There are many meanings for each house. The descriptions in this overview represent the most basic meanings of each.(Read about Houses 7-12.)...(more)


2014 Virgo Horoscope

Virgo has been given an eye for detail and an exemplary work ethic. You give your seal of approval only to the best of the best. Your challenge, as you separate the wheat from the chaff, is to complete your task without finding fault with every grain....(more)

Virgo and Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Astrology says that the month you were born in has a large effect on your personality. In turn, your personality will affect how you get along romantically. One topic not often discussed is the compatibility of two romantic partners who have the same sign. A lasting Virgo and Virgo relationship compatibility is virtually assured, as long as you know what pitfalls can befall even the happiest couples. The following list offers perspective on the Virgo and Virgo relationship....(more)

Virgo Rising Overview

On first appearances, someone who has Virgo as their Ascendant Sign can seem cold and unapproachable, but this perception is almost always a misconception. A Virgo Rising is really a loyal and steadfast companion; you simply need some time to warm up. Virgo as an Ascendant creates a distinct personality type, sometimes influenced further by the other planets in the signs. If you're a Virgo Rising, read on to learn more about your personality type and why you think the way you do....(more)